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"These classes are a unique blend (a hybrid) of Kundalini Yoga and Goddess Spirituality. They honor and celebrate our reflections of the Goddess through yoga, guided relaxation, meditations, stories, songs, ritual and healing circles.

As I enter the second decade of teaching these classes, I’m moved by the deep healing power that reclaiming and honoring the divine feminine has for women of all ages and walks of life.

These classes, held in safe sacred space, rekindle a lost knowing of ourselves, our body’s healing abilities, our deep inner wisdom, our belly knowing, our trust of each other and our trust of our own inner authourity. It has been so long since we’ve remembered that we can live from this source of knowing and loving ourselves and live our truth from this place.

 I feel honored to be doing this sacred work and look forward to journeying with you soon. Blessed be!"  





An article on GODDESS YOGA by Mary Marzo



In this article Mary shares her own deep healing journey and how it guided her to the discovery of tools and strong feminine mirrors for the development of Goddess Yoga. She explains what Goddess Yoga is. How a typical class unfolds. How this healing circle holds a feminine container for women to evoke their own healing abilities and connect to their divine feminine within. How as we heal ourselves, we heal each other.



It was an unforgettable experience leading the Goddess Yoga Workshop at The Conference on Female Spirituality at York University in March, 1996.

The Goddess spirit and essence was truly alive and present in the room that was filled to capacity. Forty women strong from all walks of life and age groups moving with a fluidity and grace that belied the tightness of space. The experience of sharing Kundalini Yoga, meditation, story and songs of the Goddess left us in a state of loving connection, feeling Her presence within and all around.

For me the experience marked a synthesis of my own personal healing journey and my professional journey of development.

I had found myself 10 years prior undergoing a profound psycho-spiritual crisis that left me seeking for healing tools and strong clear feminine mirrors to validate this dark pit - this void - this passage into the deep unknown.

It began with much fear and panic from within. Surely I was dying. I had never felt like this before. There was very little support or understanding from without. It seemed to spark fear from many friends who were trying to help - suggesting I snap out of it and get on with it! To professional suggestions of drugs for sleeping or depression.

This forced me to begin a deep internal journey. A journey of discovering the innate wisdom within mirrored by Mother earth and all her cycles of decay, death, stillness, rebirth and blossoming through the seasons - by Grandmother moon and her cycles of waxing and waning to periods of darkness and then rebirth of the crescent moon. By stories of the Goddesses Innana, Persephone, Isis, Amaterasu Omikami all describing their descent into darkness, their death and dying to all that was known to them and then their transformation and rebirth into their light of knowing and being.

I was learning to slowly but profoundly trust my inner process, my growing intuition, my deep inner feminine being. 

The inner male still kept driving me on to find the answer and fix it! The inner feminine had other notions.

I was guided to Goddess Spirituality.

I was guided to Kundalini Yoga.

I was guided to Meditation.

I was guided to Relaxation Techniques.

I was guided to a woman therapist who worked holistically.

I was guided to share my deep inner healing journey.

I was guided to become a guide for other women on their healing journeys.

I was guided to create Goddess Yoga.

As my personal journey evolved, my life vision began to shine in clarity and light.

Goddess Yoga is a combination of Kundalini Yoga and Goddess Spirituality. It brings together holistic tools and clear strong feminine mirrors evoking for women their own healing abilities and connection to their divine being.

It is a healing circle that holds a feminine container for women's stories, pain, anger, joy and celebration.



Let me guide you through a class:

The classes are held in sacred space. Then the Yoga set for that class is introduced. It could be a specific set geared to improve the immune system in general or one working on a specific chakra point in the body. For example, if it was the first chakra, I would share the information relevant to the chakra system in general. The location of the first chakra is the base of the spine, at the perineum. The Sanskrit word for the first chakra is Muladhara, meaning root or support. The parts of the body which are affected by this chakra are the adrenal glands, legs, feet, bones, and large intestines. The colour representing this chakra is red. The element is earth. The sense is smell.

When this chakra is balanced and functioning, it will manifest as security in all the areas of basic survival: food, shelter, physical health and work. An imbalance could manifest as self indulgence, insecurity, instability, grief and depression.

The symbol of the first chakra is an inverted triangle within a square. The square depicts earth and delineates the four directions and the inverted triangle is an ancient Goddess symbol representing creative energy.

The Goddess of the first chakra is Dakini Shakti, known as the creator, preserver and destroyer. Her purpose is to help with learning the lessons of letting go, releasing, death and dying. The way to evoke this Goddess and connect to this chakra is through the sound created by the word "lang".

Then we would go through the Kyria, the specific Yoga set of exercises chosen for the class. It would include breathing techniques called Pranayam as well as body and hand postures called Mudras. Yoga, in general, helps to balance the energy centers and bring a sense of well being and connectiveness to one's own inner healing.

Interestingly, Kundalini Yoga has been referred to as the Mother of all Yogas because it is the original system from which all other yogas stem.

Following the Yoga set the lights are dimmed and I lead a guided imagery meditation. Again different journeys are possible, depending on the theme of the class. This is the time for full relaxation. It could be a deep body relaxation, releasing tension and stress from each part of the body. Or it could be a shamanic journey to meet the internal grandmother - crone, wise woman within - to ask for counsel on a current issue. Or it could be a deep grounding meditation to connect with Mother Earth, feeling how She is a living entity nurturing and sustaining you and how you can further learn to sustain and nurture Her.

Then a meditation is introduced that would be appropriate to the Yoga set and theme of the class. It could be a meditation to invoke the Goddess Shakti - primal feminine creative power - usually depicted as a coiled serpent residing at the base of the spine. Or an ancient Sanskrit meditation chanted to evoke the elements that are represented by the four directions. Or it could be a modern affirmation that connects to inner trust and inner love.

By this point everyone is feeling quite different then when they arrived - more in touch with their feelings and with themselves, more in their bodies, in their hearts, in their being.

Now is the time to share stories - stories about the Goddess, stories about ourselves. A time to see, be seen, listen, speak, be heard - sing and dance our joys, our sorrows, our connections - that which separated us for centuries - that which connects us now. Tune in to the divine oracle with Goddess cards or amulets or runes.

Do ritual together celebrating the equinox or solstice, Beltane or Samhain, or honouring the other ancient feast days as they had been for centuries during Goddess times. Looking within, finding Her there, looking out, seeing Her reflected in the eyes of the women in the circle, the woman next to you and so on and so on.

I feel honoured to be guided by Great Goddess to teach these classes and I feel blessed to work with every woman who comes.

These are truly challenging and healing times. The tantric yogic texts talk about the Age of Darkness represented by the last 2,000 years, as being the time of the sleeping Goddess. She is awakening. Shaking the sleep from Her eyes. And we are rediscovering Her. Learning to celebrate Her. To heal that wounded part of our psyche.

As we enter the Second Millennium, the Age of Truth, this healing is of prime focus.

The poet Marge Piercy wrote in her poem For Strong Women "Strong is what we make each other until we are all strong together."

As we heal ourselves we heal each other.

Healing always occurs in this moment, the NOW...

As Deepak Chopra states "the whole universe conspires for this one moment."

My memory takes me back to that special moment in March, 1996 at York University as 40 women with hand on heart chanted the ancient sound "MAAA" evoking the Goddess within and all around.



Goddess is Alive!

Magic is Alive!

Healing is Present!





                   Blessed Be!