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Holistic Therapy Practice



The spiral is one of the oldest symbols of human spirituality. Dating back thousands of years, it has been an emblem for the Goddess. It occurs naturally in nature (DNA, shells, rocks and galaxies). It symbolizes the energies of creation, evolution, self-transformation and the healing process - the journey of traveling to the center of the divine self and bringing forth new life, regeneration and rebirth.  



Goddess Healing embodies this principle and empowers all of Mary’s work.

Mary follows the Wise Women tradition, holding a container of loving support and nurturing, so a  person can venture as deeply as they are willing and able to go.  

 “I strongly believe that we each carry our wisdom and our answers deep within us.  It is the healing process that allows it to become accessible."  

All of Mary’s work supports this belief and is very evident in her approach as a therapist in which she has created a holistic and eclectic container of traditional and non-traditional healing tools that support an organic healing process. Mary holds a safe sacred space for her clients to deepen into their healing journey honouring both the darkness and light within,  following the spiral path.

Her cornucopia of healing tools includes:

Focusing, Psychosynthesis, Compassionate/Empathetic  Communication, Body Work, Emotional Healing, Shamanic Journeying, Spiritual Healing, NLP, Reiki & Energy Work, Ritual, Relaxation, Meditation,
Past Life Regression and Yoga.  

“It is my calling to teach and guide others on their sacred path - their healing journey to reclaim their wholeness and bring it back home."

In her therapy practice, Mary is available for both individual and couples sessions.  For more information, call (416) 424 - 1374 or email mm@goddesshealing




“Mary - mentor, positive mother, sister, friend, nature healer, nurturer, consoler, guide, advice giver, peace giver and a lifeline through the darkness. You have brought me to my true self again.  You have helped me to heal my body, mind and spirit. Made me stronger, more myself, more present, more in my essence. I feel blessed to have known you and worked with you. Thank you.”  ~ J.Z.

“An image of a woman in her radiant power and grounded grace reminds me of you. You carry light within you and thanks for knowing, truly knowing the dark also. Thanks for your wisdom, for the giving and loving, mothering and guiding. It has helped to sustain me in the darkness and the void, reaching new depths of love and connection to the Goddess.” ~ Nan Keyser (psychotherapist)

 “I feel like expressing my deep gratitude for the work I did with you some years ago now.  My psychotherapy /hypnotherapy practice is thriving and a great joy in my life.  The way you worked with me comes through my own work with people now - something that cannot be taught in any school.  I thank god/goddess that you were there to help me work through that terrible imprint in the right way - in a deeply lasting and truly transformative way.  I trust you thrive on every level and send you my love. Namaste” ~ Laurie Weinberg (psychotherapist)

 “Dear Mary, I want to express my appreciation for your method of psychotherapy. It has allowed me to reclaim so much of my life. You create a safe sacred space in which I am able to face my fears that I have had for such a long, long time.  I met you at a time when I most needed a healer who could help me explore the inner aspects of my soul that were confused, in pain and at a loss for direction. Unlike the other therapies I had been to, your focus has always been on empowering me to develop my own consciousness and courage to make the changes necessary for healing in my own timing. Now I know that until the internal changes occur, we continue in patterns that are unhealthy and until we can deal with the feelings connected to these patterns, they will recur.  Without even knowing it, I was searching for my connection to the Divine Feminine for years. By working with you, I have gained the understanding and the courage to re-connect to the Goddess and to live this truth in my life. All of this is a process of unfolding into all that I can be. Thank you.”  ~ Beverley MacPherson

 “Thank you Mary for being here and now. Your presence has been a gift. Your patience, guidance and wisdom have helped me to trust again – most importantly, in myself.  I want to acknowledge and give thanksgiving for all that you are. Because of all the work you have done and the depths you have reached, you have been able to hold a space and guide me to a new level of healing in my process and in my life.”  ~ Nessie

 “Just a little note to express my gratitude for your patience, your support, clarity, guidance and kind loving words of wisdom over the past year.“  ~ Effie K.

 “Mary is and provides comfort, re-assurance, safety and healing. Along with these virtues, her teachings are of such great value. The greatest gift she has given me is a safe place to share all my emotions, thoughts and feelings without being judge. I am grateful for her.” ~ D.M.



The Healer’s Hand is an ancient symbol representing the energy emitting hand of a spiritual healer.




Excerpts from


by Giselle Vincett (2003)

“Mary Marzo is a psychotherapist who consciously blends Goddess Feminism with her work.  Her office is deliberately located in the basement of her home because: “…as you can see, sense, feel, we are right here in Mother earth in this room, so there’s also a feeling of being held and contained.” (Marzo 2002:7) I suggest that Mary is creating a womb space where her clients can heal their old selves and, in the process, create new selves. This healing ‘wombspace’ is literally reflected by being located in the body (womb) of Mother Earth. The sense of “being held and contained” within the Earth’s womb in which Mary has created her office, allows her clients to hold and to nurture their wounded inner selves (ibid.). As Mary’s clients climb the stairs out of her office after a session and exit her house into the daylight, they are symbolically reborn – gradually, but surely. When Mary “clears” her office of energy between clients and at the end of the day (Marzo 2002:11), she is, I think, not only clearing the room of the anger, sadness, and pain that her clients have released (ibid), but she is ritually clearing the space so that another gestation may take place.”


“Mary speaks of spiral as a symbol for “the healing journey”. On the journey we are not only healed from past traumas, but also returned to our core self and re-birthed as a healed self. In other words, not only is the healing process creative as discussed above, but the various selves which inhibit us and that, in our pain are disjointed, are in the healing process placed in relationship to one another.

Mary also mentions one way in which spiral is ritualized: the spiral dance. This is a group ritual in which everyone holds hands and forms a spiral. The person on the inside starts to move, the others following so that the leader will become the person on the outside and the person started on the outside will end up in the middle (Starhawk 1999 (1979): 258,259). It is important that while participating in this ritual, dancers meet the eyes of those they pass, for meeting eyes in sacred space “is interpreted both as ‘looking at the Goddess and as meeting your ‘Self’ in the other person” (Salomonsen 2002: 120). Mary claims that the spiral dance ritual “…contains within itself the true form of healing because in humans the one that you face over and over and over again is yourself: there is no one else in that sense. Everyone else (in the dance) is a mirror. ” (Marzo 2002: 6). A return to 'self' is, of course, the result.”  




Blessed Be!