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Workshops, Sacred Healing Circles & Special Events


As a leader of workshops and sacred healing circles, Mary guides groups to honour the Great Mother Goddess, Mother Earth and the Goddess within through a unique offering of rituals, blessings, meditations, prayers, songs, visualizations and more. 
For example:

Mary's ‘Goddess Alive 8 Point Celebration Workshops’ honour Her annual wheel of seasonal festivals (Samhain, Winter Solstice, Imbolc, Spring Equinox, Beltaine, Summer Solstice, Lammas, Autumn Equinox) bringing together people in a sacred circle to share, participate and celebrate the significance of that special time. These workshops bring forth a sense of spiritual regeneration, inclusivity, safety, healing and community.




Goddess Alive  8 Point Wheel of Celebrations

In these times of great shifts and changes, celebrating the ancient Goddess Festivals and honouring the Earth's cycles connects us to an inclusive life-affirming force that aids the process of healing ourselves, each other and Mother Earth.  These safe circles celebrate the sacred points on HER Wheel of Celebration.

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Available for talks, workshops, special events and rituals:

As a ritual leader, Mary has guided numerous healing circles to honor the Great Mother, Mother Earth and the Goddess within. She loves developing unique offerings for special events (e.g. rituals, blessings, healing circles, prayers, visualizations, meditations).

As a healer and spiritual teacher, Mary has given talks (e.g. Toronto Whole Life Expo, Elmwood Breakfast Club) as well as conducted workshops (e.g. Women Spirituality Conference - York University). 

As an organizer, she was involved with Women of Vision and Action (USA), Women Weavers (Canada) and helped create the first Goddess Banquet in Toronto (1990) with the NFB and the YWCA. 

As a meditation leader, Mary guided the Toronto World Peace & Healing Meditation for the new millennium (Dec. 31st , 2000) and co-lead it for 2001 – joining millions around the world for this annual healing event.

As a yoga teacher, Mary has taught Goddess Yoga (her unique blend of yoga and Goddess spirituality) in workshops since 1992. 


“Mary has a genuine gift for manifesting beautiful rituals." ~  PJ Birosik, Musik International

"This workshop was the deepest, most profound experience I've had in a healing circle. I felt so very connected to the power of the Divine Feminine - on so many levels. The sacred space created was like walking into a mist of safety - a place of incredible possibilities - a place of acceptance for where I am in this time in my life. Thank you, Mary. Your workshop was deep, powerful, strong, sad, joyous and very timely for me."  ~  B.M.P.

"I loved the sharing. I loved the history and getting educated on the old stories of the Goddess. I soaked that right up. Also, being with women in a healing circle that you created was fantastic - very empowering. Thank you."  ~  J.Z.

"Every time I come to one of your workshops its different - different women from different walks of life. Yet, the workshop always feels so very inclusive. Its a very wonderful experience for me - being able to connect in ways I don't have in my everyday life. Thank you."  ~ H.B.



Inner chamber at the Ggantija temple on Gozo


Past  Workshops & Events 

*  Women's Spirit Camp (Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada):
Mary Marzo was delighted to be a main presenter at The Pacific Women’s Circle Association (PWCA)’s 12th
Annual 2006 Women’s Crescent Moon Retreat (Mon. Aug. 14 to Sat. Aug. 19, Lake Cowichan , Vancouver Island , British Columbia , Canada ) .  A week of ritual, drumming, dance, workshops, singing and circles. This 6-day summer camp brings together many women each year to explore visions of a sustaining community with a deep connection to Spirit that promotes the full emergence of women’s potential for personal and planetary healing. 

*  Goddess Alive  8 Point Wheel of Celebration
with Mary Marzo,   7-9:30 pm , at  WonderWorks (Toronto)  
Honouring the cycles of life as mirrored by the seasonal festivals brings a deeper meaning to the Dance of Life and our places in it. Taking place on or around Samhain, Winter Solstice, Imbolc, Spring Equinox, Beltaine, Summer Solstice and the Autumn Equinox. Come join these sacred circles to celebrate both ourselves and HER as we travel along the universal ebb and flow, release and opening, death and rebirth. 

*  Strengthening Relationships with Meditation
with Mary Marzo & Murray Geddes, Nov.  3rd,  2005, 7:00 – 8:30 , donation, Snow Lion 
The act of meditating is an empowering experience and when it is shared with someone close to you, it becomes a process of deep bonding that increases our level of understanding, empathy, and love for each other. Whether it is between couples, friends, parent-child or groups, it can be a powerful experience that strengthens the ties of the relationship. Mary and Murray will share their many experiences and suggestions to help ensure that the whole experience is a rewarding encounter.  

*  Goddess Meditation
with Mary Marzo, Oct. 6, 2005 , 7:00 – 9:30Awakenings (Toronto) 
You are invited to an evening of empowerment and celebration.  Join Mary in this sacred circle as she teaches and guides you through yoga breath work, chakra & golden light healing and a powerful quartet of daily meditations of protection, gratitudes, intentions and affirmations. Plus learn an ancient Sanskrit Goddess mantra chant.  Beautiful tools to create or enhance your daily meditation practice and to manifest desired changes in your life and harvest many blessings.  

  * Goddess Equinox Meditation
with Mary Marzo, Sept 22, 2005 , 7:00 – 8:30 , donation, Snow Lion 
The Equinox is a special time that reflects the balance of dark and light and has been celebrated for centuries.  This equilibrium consists of the energies of female and male, death and rebirth, known and unknown and is part of the changing rhythms and seasons of the Earth. It represents one of the points celebrated in the Wheel of the Year. During this session there will be a chanting of the Sri Yantra mantra – a chant based on one of the oldest mandalas on earth. This mantra invokes balance and helps us restore our wholeness and connectiveness to these energies within and all around.  

    * Group Meditations, World Peace Mediations

    * Woman's Life Passage Rituals 



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